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Animated News

and now... Elmer Fudd
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Rather than have a talking head, have an animated talking head deliver the Evening News.
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

Not Elmer Fudd... http://www.ananova.com
...but the concept's there. [st3f, Sep 06 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       But with the length of time it takes to create even a short piece of animation, wouldn't all the news run about two weeks behind?
Guy Fox, Sep 06 2001

       After over a decade of Kent Brockman's antics on The Simpsons, i would find it hard to take an animated news program seriously.
mrkillboy, Sep 06 2001

       Easiest way is to do it all algorithmicaly. If you can mark up the text to get pronunciation and expression you woudn't even need to lipsynch with a human presenter.
st3f, Sep 06 2001

       There are quite a few talking head applications on the internet that can speak in real time. Amongst 3D companies, who had a mini bust before the .com collapse, there are companies that make cartoon 3D characters. This is all very simple.   

       Ananova (see link) is a working news example.
Aristotle, Sep 06 2001

       Anime, WB, Disney, Lil Pimp - on and on it goes - anybody but Hanna Barbera...
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       I may be wrong, but I thought MAX Headroom was something like that. That 'cool' talking head on skin-a-max from back in the 80's is what I am talking about.
barnzenen, Sep 06 2001

       But what if they were naked anime babes reading the news?
mrkillboy, Sep 10 2001

Zimmy, Sep 09 2006


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