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CNBC re-runs with time

if the latest information is what their claim to fame is then why not tell us how 'old' the reruns are.....
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When CNBC gives stock news that is current they put out 'Live' to indicate that this is current information. This i understand. But when they replay the same program hours later all they do is remove the 'live'. This i dont understand. You see if latest information can help me make money then information that is old will make me loose money (bad investing decisions). However, if they replaced the 'live' tab with another tab that read how old this information was like '2:45' meaning its 2 hours and 45 minutes old then i could make better judgment about my investing decisions.

I remember seeing a piece on Leap frog technologies that was praising the company and if i had any money i would have bought the stock but the information was not live and so the next day i went online and saw they were in some real trouble and had been that way for the last 3 days. This means that not only was the newscast not live it was over 3 days old. I think as a consumer i should have known that.

All right... I’m ready for the fishes now!

nomadic_wonderer, Jan 06 2004


       I guess the fishy made it to water afterall [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jan 06 2004

       How great a stock tip is one you see on the news anyway? If it had time to be researched into a story it's probably really old news anyway.
el observador, Jan 06 2004

       Yes, but I'd like this applied to "breaking" news stories....Hell, why not to reruns of the Brady Bunch as well?
normzone, Jan 06 2004

       CNN has hourly reruns of news stories.
Japanese_Coffee, Jul 25 2004


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