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Animatronic rattlesnake

Would you risk it ?
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Rattlesnakes are pit vipers - they sense heat from their prey - and are fast, agressive and very venomous.

So, for a new twist on home security, BorgCo have developed a highly realistic animatronic rattlesnake.

Simply place the snake close to, or on, the item to be guarded and activate it with the remote control. When a heat source moves into range, the snake first rattles its tail (a very distinctive sound) and then moves its head and coils very slightly in a threatening manner.

In low light, the first thing an intruder will percieve is likely to be the rattle. When the snake then moves slightly, that will probably encourage them to depart rapidly - it is unlikely that they will choose to examine it closely.

A set of warning signs reading "WARNING ! VENOMOUS SNAKES !" are supplied to affix to the doors to the protected area.

8th of 7, Jul 03 2016


       An appropriately upended snake habitat placed near the expected point of entry would be a great visual aid. [+]
whatrock, Jul 04 2016

       Hmmm... should prove useful. The signs saying "...WARNING: FERAL CATS..." have been disappointingly ineffective. Bun [+]
Grogster, Jul 09 2016

RayfordSteele, Jul 09 2016


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