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Fake Guard Dog II

More Bakeable than ever!
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An IP65 weather resistant wifi-connected outdoor smart camera with AI-driven pet detection and configurable software triggers, battery powered so it's super easy, barely an inconvenience to install anywhere on one's property? With a built-in speaker allowing you to project your voice through it? Pull the other one, I hear you about to say.

Well they definitely exist. Ring Video Doorbell, Wyze Outdoor Cam, etc. This idea is for a software package for such cameras that plays the sound of a loudly barking dog through the speaker of such a camera when a pet or wild animal is detected, such a goddamn raccoon raiding a halfbaker's Koi pond.

Use in conjunction with a motion-sensor sprinkler system (also widely available) for a full shock and awe campaign!

21 Quest, Sep 08 2022

Motion Detector - Barking Dog https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LV8S86M
[a1, Sep 08 2022]

Here's a nice one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09NDC29S8/
Outdoor rated (only IP55 though, so don't submerge it!). Battery operated, choice of barking dogs, gun shots, or sirens. [a1, Sep 08 2022]


       I don't know how hydrochloric acid ended up in my sprinkler system, officer. I must have hooked up the wrong barrel. I so hope that poor stranger who got lost in my basement is going to be okay.
Voice, Sep 08 2022

       This doesn't seem very different from existing motion-detecting noise makers (link). The idea of leveraging existing devices like Wyze, Ring, or Blink seems good - except all of those have really terrible, weak scratchy speakers.   

       For a fake guard dog to be convincing it has to project deep notes, very loudly. In other words, it needs a good woofer.
a1, Sep 08 2022

       A1 that's awesome, but it doesn't appear to be suitable for outdoor use.   

       Oh, and you're fired for that pun.
21 Quest, Sep 08 2022

       (pout) But I use that pun every single time someone suggests this exact same WKTE idea!   

       There are a lot more to choose from than the one I carelessly posted first. Give me a few minutes to search through a few hundred models on Amazon to find to a battery powered one that's at least IP65 (same as current Blink Outdoor camera).   

       Edit... Here's a nice one (link). It does check all the boxes but from some of the reviews it may have the same problem I noted earlier - unconvincing dog noises, sounds fake, I don't need to repeat the pun.
a1, Sep 08 2022

       Ooooh... Very nice. Still, it doesn't employ AI to detect animals specifically so it'll go off every time *I* walk near my pond, which I had hoped to avoid. Not looking to scare myself shitless the first few times I try feeding my fish!
21 Quest, Sep 08 2022

       Aw snap, you buried the lede. I didn't realize until rereading just now you were looking to specifically to AVOID going off on people.   

       But I think AI person recognition might be unnecessary. How about one that disarms automatically when you get close to it, but only you've got a RFID or bluetooth tag of some kind on your keychain? An intruder - on four legs or two - would still set it off if they didn't have the disarming tag with them.
a1, Sep 08 2022

       Make it so, Numba One!
21 Quest, Sep 08 2022


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