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Annoying Passenger Filter

To filter annoying passanger beside you
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Let's face it, the worst part of travelling alone in an airplane is to seat next to someone that does not want to do the same thing you wanna do. Example: If you want to sleep, you should seat with someone who wants to sleep. If you want to chit chat, you should seat with someone who wants to talk. If you want to have intercourse in the bathroom you should seat with someone of your sex preference who wants to incurr in that same activity. It would be very easy to implement this when you get to the desk and you get a pre-boarding pass and the person asks you certain questions like: Smoker o no Smoker? Window or Aisle? You wanna talk or meet a Significant other during flight? Wanna sleep? Would you, in the case you like that person, be ready to have sexual contact with them in the designated area?

I have spoken


gurudigital, Apr 26 2002


       [gurudigital] It's best to put your e-mail address on your profile page (the "edit" link on the left, just below your username will take you there).
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

Have/Haven't used ff miles.

That should pretty well filter the talking, smoking, cheating, and inexperienced fliers.
reensure, Apr 26 2002

       smoking is already illegal on aircraft
Teh Muffin Man, Jul 06 2007

       Yeah, but sitting next to someone who has been smoking is a lot more possible now that smokers don't sit in the back.
baconbrain, Jul 07 2007

       Loud people could still request to sit next to you just to annoy you. But they probably won't do that.
phundug, Jul 07 2007

       "I have spoken" sounds like the kind of thing an annoying passenger would say.   

       Also appears to be an attempt to circumnavigate karma, and therefore destined to fail.   

       Welcome to the halfbakery.
nuclear hobo, Jul 07 2007

       nuteral. I don't like nore dislike this.   

       Turn it down a notch, your a little loud.
evilpenguin, Jul 07 2007


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