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Anonymous Cuddle Porn

G rated full body suit hugging piles
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Everyone wears full body leotards, diapers, and filter masks and then lies is a great big pile, or any other creative configuration they can imagine, for a really long time. Overt lasciviousness and violence is banned and all ages and species are welcomed.

This could be augmented with body padding on the appendages and torso that prevents violence or penetration of any kind.

Suits could be all one color, with striped referees.

Probably also no sound should be allowed, so maybe play loud drowning-out music. Maybe also no light so that this is only a tactile experience. Infrared film could record the event and play back for analysis or entertainment.

JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2013

Cuddle party http://www.cuddleparty.com/
[JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2013]


       This sounds similar to a rush hour subway ride in my city.
swimswim, Mar 28 2013

       As described, this idea does not constitute pornography. Also, I'm reasonably certain it already exists.
Alterother, Mar 28 2013

       I'm worried about some *species* in a leotard...
xandram, Mar 28 2013

       //I'm reasonably certain it already exists.// I'm VERY certain it exists. Uh...
DIYMatt, Mar 28 2013

       Actually, just thought about it, suits should not be all one color, they should be two different colors, maybe with a slightly lower percentage of one color than the other. No wait, make the suits as anonymous as possible and then video lots of experiments with different colors and different percentages of one against the other, and then get statistics, and write augmentative software based on the statistics. No wait, also you could try three colors. Yes that's it, three colors, anonymous suits and lots of experiments. And video. And statistics. And referees. And music. In a big pillow room. Yes and three colors of pillows. And different sized rooms. And vary the number of pillows. Anonymous suits. People. Room. Colors. Music. Audio-Video. Statistics. Nerds writing software to augment behaviors based on statistics. Oh and food pills. Ok no wait the pillows are instead food pills of different colors and sizes but the same dog-food-like nutritive quality. And poop too, there is some way of anonymizing and measuring the poop. And growing the food. And building the room. And propulsing and steering the room through space. Based on the statistics.
JesusHChrist, Apr 01 2013

       How many bongs do you own?
Alterother, Apr 01 2013

       Wow what a coincidence [Alterother] I was just about to, between bong hits, write a response to your comment/question about pornography above, which is, (the response), that, with the addition of the video piece recording the behavior, and the intelligence piece statisticalizing the behavior, it sort of does constitute pornography, in that it would be driving the development of the Internet, and in that it would quickly become a space in which there would be competition to morally distribute the energy as well as to a-morally preserve the "freedom" of the space so that it could regenerate itself adaptively in its environment, --- when, instead of actually responding, I decided to take another bong hit, from a different bong, no less. Yes, I have a large collection, or, in other words, 52. 52 bongs would have been a shorter way of answering that question. And a facetious one. No but seriously, I don't own any bongs at the moment, I actually have to go through drug testing as part of my work, which is kind of invasive and distressing, especially since I work with and count myself as one of a group of persons with disabilities, for whom, I think I could make a good argument that, the free and distributed regeneration of consciousness would be not only a fundamental right and exclusive privilege, but also the defining characteristic. So I gamingly appreciate the lightness and pith of your vaguely male-bonding- related communication, and wish I could just answer something simple but I don't have a simple answer because I can't get my own head around the meaning of things like ownership, or of the relationship between plants and animals as mediated by technology like "bongs". I wish I had A bong right now much less lots of them.
JesusHChrist, Apr 01 2013

       It was a rhetorical question, but you have my sympathies all the same.
Alterother, Apr 02 2013

       I especially appreciate the openness of this hb annotation space - and the commentary space in facebook, where the purpose and the rhetoricalness or not of questions and comments is being defined pretty much like everything else in the world but just more so, by its use. I also appreciate the opportunity to explore in detail my own reaction to pith, especially since humor is the pornography or maybe the sexuality of language, and you dont get the chance very much in real life since it is so synchronous. (As an aside I wonder whether the blog format of having most recent annotations displayed first next to an idea would work. I also wonder whether the standard of displaying one annotation directly after another could be played around with, so maybe annotations could show up at random places around the screen.) And I appreciate the energy of sympathy although if my having your sympathies was transactional and not rhetorical then I will have to respectfully decline. Sympathy usually occurs to me like a barbed-wire-anal-lance covered in bunny fur, from the disability perspective. It is what supports the non-profit world and why you can have guys like the dude in california who just got shot who spent all of his energy helping Romanian orphans but then gets shot in the head by his angry neighbor. Sympathy is usually a transactional cover for, "buy into my being better off than you, because you have a disability" which is not necessarily a wrong think to think, but just misses the point which is that the word disability is not probably the best way to define the experience of having had to learn to change in order to survive. So while I usually welcome the display of sympathy in the real world, because it gives away that someone has a liberal complex and probably an accompanying set of vulnerabilities - and I need help in the transactional real world so I have a habbit of looking for any crutch I can get my hands on, I wouldn't want to make that same mistake, and wouldn't want to disrespect the unique potential provided by the asynchronous space provided by the halfbakery.
JesusHChrist, Apr 02 2013

       Insightful point. I assure you my sympathy is genuine and demands nothing.   

       // humor is ... the sexuality of language //   

       Now this is a _very_ interesting statement. If we step beyond the kneejerk response that lingual sexuality is the sexuality of language, the paralells that can be drawn between the socio-political treatment of both humor and sexuality are startling.
Alterother, Apr 02 2013


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