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GTA Cherry-picker

Play the original game of Grand Theft Auto in real life.
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Cherry-pickers are the trucks with the extending hydraulic arm with a cabin at the top [see link]. The GTA Cherry-picker is the same but with the vehicle's controls in the cabin.

Climb in, lift to full extension, strap yourself in and then tilt the cabin to be facing straight down. Drive around looking at the vehicle you're piloting from above. Don't take corners too sharply. Look out for bridges.


(I'm aware that these trucks usually ground themselves with sturdy lowering platform things, but if the cabin is designed for this sole purpose it might be possible to reduce the weight of it, and in turn the weight of the arm itself, lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity. One might also consider making the truck even heavier.)

theleopard, Jan 17 2008

Snorkel turck http://www.oac.cdli.../hi-res/AFD_014.jpg
Brrrum! [theleopard, Jan 17 2008]

Would look like this http://img.photobuc...0/TheDave/gtaii.jpg
(For those that don't know.) The score could be displayed on an HUD in the cabin. How it recognises point scoring activities I don't know. [theleopard, Jan 17 2008]


zen_tom, Jan 17 2008

       We call them "cherry pickers", which seems oddly specific.
phoenix, Jan 17 2008

skinflaps, Jan 18 2008

       Although the choice of vehicle remains limited to the truck, one might be tempted to paint the roof of the truck to simulate a different vehicle, like a Stinger, for instance, or a Beast GTS.   

       Also, the camera in the game zooms in when slowing down and zooms out when travelling at full speed. This could be simulated by suspending the cabin on a wire that is connected to the speedometer, lowering you as you slow, lifting you as you speed up.   

       It is probable however that this would induce a feeling of extreme discomfort, vomiting, nose-bleeds and a migraine, seriously impairing your ability to control the vehicle and resulting in injury or death. So perhaps not.
theleopard, Jan 21 2008

       //vomiting, nose-bleeds and a migraine, seriously impairing your ability to control the vehicle and resulting in injury or death.//   

       That happened quite a lot in the game if I remember correctly.
skinflaps, Jan 21 2008

       //vomiting, nose-bleeds and a migraine//   

       You must have played it *alot*.
theleopard, Jan 21 2008


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