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Slither Gesture

configurable slither
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Slither.io but where you can input whole body gestures, with a camera or other sensor. I find myself player slither.io for social contact. Did I just say that?

This slither will be totally configuarable so you can use and modify your own controller and your presence in the slither world, the standard being that all players on the board start roughly equal in size and elongate as they eat food. use kinnect to slither in 3D. the food should have gravity also and be usable as stuff to throw at other players.

I want to be able to program moves too. And accelerate smoothly.

JesusHChrist, Oct 24 2016

slither.io http://slither.io/
[JesusHChrist, Oct 24 2016]

YouTube: The Slither Man http://www.youtube....watch?v=gpjV_IfPSUM
This is what I think of when I see the title. [zen_tom, Oct 25 2016]


       ...so a different game altogether.
Voice, Oct 25 2016

       He wants to multiplayer wii. I do like the idea of using the whole body as a mouse like controller - I have to think that has been done since it seems like folks have been using camera inputs for about a decade.   

       It is interesting, the social interactions possible with these pared down soundless, textless games like slither or agario. It would make a fine PhD thesis I think.
bungston, Oct 25 2016


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