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How to thwart millions of years of pesky evolution...
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Jim watched a few 70's movies over the weekend and could not help but notice the ability of flora to control the behaviour of fauna. Jim cannot remember who said that these behaviour modifications were a side effect but figures they were an idiot. (That is, just to be clear, the effect is intended so that there is a plentiful supply of fauna to carry out necessary flora duties like fertilization and such...)

Jim has been contemplating a flower power blocker that is inclined to react before nartcotics can take effect. Perhaps with this type of armour troubled fauna will be freed from there floral entrapment.

Now Jim's only concern is the length of time it will take to verify that said floral armour will not render peoples brains inactive :)

madness, Jan 25 2009


       Anti-poppy power is called Naloxone.
GutPunchLullabies, Jan 25 2009

       What you witnessed isn't so much flora's desire to control fauna as flora's desire to rid the world of snack food.
phoenix, Jan 25 2009

       [marked-for-deletion] no idea - or at least, none that can be discerned without either actually being Jim, or knowing what it was he was watching on TV that made him think that someone was an idiot. Since we have no way of knowing who that person was, or what it was they said that upset Jim, and since there's not enough information in the idea's text, there's not much point it being here on this website - any commentary can only be guesswork - and since Jim is known for being so obtuse, I wouldn't bother trying to find out.
zen_tom, May 18 2011


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