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Antidepressant Candles

Cheer everone up!
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Work or financial stess have you near the breaking point? PMS, menopause, puberty got you down? Been dumped by your spouse or lover? No problem. With Soloft(TM) Antidepressant Candles, your troubles are over.

Not only will you feel better, your family will too! Your friends and guests will have the time of their lives. And since Soloft(TM) Antidepressant Candles are available in three stealthy scents, wax, potpourri and baked apple strudel, no one will know your secret!

nuclear hobo, Feb 21 2007

Don't boggart that wick my friend. http://www.mindspac...view&id=23&Itemid=2
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 23 2007]


       So, assuming that this is not facetious, you are suggesting candles containing a volatile antidepressant? If so, this is a stupid idea.   

       Apart from the fact that most antidepressants are unlikely to be volatile, and apart from the fact that doses need to be fairly carefully controlled in a way which is unlikely to be achieved by a candle, there is also the fact that you really don't want your family, friends and guests to be casually taking antidepressants for no good reason. Oh, and most antidepressants take a few days or weeks to start working, by which time the party will probably be over.   

       Of course, if this was just meant as a facetious piece of fun about depression then, by golly, that's fine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2007

daseva, Feb 21 2007

       You guys need to lay back and light one up.
nuclear hobo, Feb 21 2007

       I tried that. It kept burning holes in the backside of my jeans.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2007

       [BB], I'll bone your anno so hard!
quantum_flux, Feb 22 2007

       I should think anyone going through PMS, menopause, and puberty simultaneously deserves more than just an antidepressant candle. Heck, give 'em an entire candelabra-full. And I'd add another fragrance - "If You Know What's Good For You, You'll Shut Up And Leave Me Alone!"
Canuck, Feb 22 2007

       Julian sat back and looked deeply into his dates eyes across the candlelit table.
Her pupils slightly dialated, she smiled softly as the entree came, served by a formally dressed waiter, careful to keep his face away from the fumes of the gently smoking candle as he placed the sumptious platter upon the tastefully laid out table.

       Julian realises that the drugged lighting is having an effect upon him too, and drools slightly as he picks up his knife and fork.   

       Blissful oblivion...
froglet, Feb 22 2007

       I get the impression that antidepressants don't make you happy, but instead just make you more numb to your depression. Rather than Mood-enhancers they're simply anti-depressants. I'm not sure your antidepressant candle would have much effect on a nice happy family, even if the time it took to take effect was significantly reduced.   

       I like Viagra candles though!
theleopard, Feb 22 2007

       So back when hippies were baking brownies, I don't ever recall hearing about marijuana candles-did they exist?
AH, Feb 23 2007

       //I get the impression that antidepressants don't make you happy, but instead just make you more numb to your depression.//   

       There's a difference?
nuclear hobo, Feb 23 2007

       [AH] yep. Link   

       //There's a difference?// Yep - and if you didn't spend your days laying back, lighting ones up, you'd have known that already.
zen_tom, Feb 23 2007

       //There's a difference?// Yes. The most effective way to become numb to one's depression is suicide. This is widely used, is cheaper than antidepressants, and has fewer side- effects in the long term.   

       Antidepressants were devised as an alternative to suicide, because they relieve depression in many instances. Hence the juxtaposition of "anti" and "depressant" in the word "antidepressant"; it's sort of a medical code, you see.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2007

       //Sorry, I think this is a totally thoughtless idea.// You can say that I again. In fact I'll say it for you: I think this is a totally thoughtless idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2007


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