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Anti-Mugging Squib Suit

Scare off potential muggers....maybe
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In the movies, when someone gets shot the special effects department will rig them up with squibs, which are small explosive devices that will rip through a prepared article of clothing and a blood pack in order to simulate a bulled hit. My idea was inspired by when I was in grade eight and was mugged by a group of older teenagers.

A vest containing squibs and blood packs is worn under normal clothing. When approached by a mugger, the wearer can activate the squibs to simulate being shot. This will (hopefully) scare off the confused mugger at the same time as drawing attention from those nearby. Chances are, if the mugger believes you were shot, he would run not wanting to be involved or associated.

Safety is an obvious problem, as squibs can be dangerous. Another potential problem is the mugger taking your presumed death as a convenient opportunity to relieve you of your valuables.

ben_krak, May 16 2004


       now if you could just work out how you could possibly get your head to shoot up 10 feet in the air....
po, May 16 2004

       A good way to convincly use the good old "play dead" defense.
Gromit, May 16 2004

       Plus, you increase the chances of the mugger being caught, if he runs like hell away from the scene of the "shooting." Although, you might wind up in jail right next to him.
mtoonsdale, May 17 2004

       Why don't you keep a taser, peper spray, or a gun in your jaket. I would not like to get the nasty fake blood on my clothes.
Dr Brain, May 15 2006


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