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Anti-Theft Blood Splatter Bags

A good reason not to steal from vampires - it might get bloody!
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Theft is one of those crimes where the thief would easily be lost in a crowd.

How would you stop someone in a crowd, then?

Throw a bag of fake blood at them!
Who wouldn't be curious as to why a guy is running away and has a copious amount of blood running down him. Wouldn't the average concerned citizen want to help? Wouldn't a pair of policemen on the beat be a little bit curious?

These would be bags that security staff would carry and shoot out of something a bit like a cross between a paintball gun and a bazooka (except smaller), that would splatter on impact and make it look like they'd been stabbed or shot. Most people would either run away screaming from him or hold him back and ask if he's all right.

The dye used would be a permanent kind, so that even if he or she isn't caught by police, their clothes are stained beyond repair.

froglet, Jan 08 2007


       Not really, paintballs can really really hurt (I know from personal experience), and if it hit someone in the eye?   

       I can see what you mean, but I intended it for times when the thief is ahead, but not far ahead enough to accidentally hit somebody else.   

       Anyways, most people move away when somebody comes running, around the corner, security in pursuit saying 'you little bastard, come back here'
froglet, Jan 08 2007

       why not just tase them?
bleh, Jan 08 2007

       Tasers aren't legal in all countries. America permits them, but personally I've never seen one here in Oz or on any Aussie police shows. Ever. Plus others may have an adverse reaction to them (heart problems, etc, etc). With tasers, don't you have to rewind the things to reshoot anyways? I can just imagine it...:
*Security guard shoots taser, and misses*
*Miscreant continues running*
"Stop!! Wait while I rewind my taser up..."

       <looks around, sees lines of people glaring, runs off>
froglet, Jan 08 2007

       I'm not American. Sorry.   

       With tasers I would've thought there would be more than a small margin for error - what if it was really really windy outside? The taser might miss due to strong wind conditions, while a slightly heavier bag of fake blood would hit its target.
froglet, Jan 08 2007

       Dye being a permanent one may cause irreparable damage if it hits the bystanders eyes.
yourdenz, Jan 08 2007

       //I'm not American. Sorry.//   

       Really, don't apologise. Some of my best friends aren't American.   

       I could imagine this working as a substitute for the dye bombs they use in bank holdups.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007


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