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Bank security

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The little red button that the tellers have to alert the police dosn't work all the time. My idea is to place that button on the floor were the teller could press it with his or hers foot. Because the robbers either tell them to put thier hands in the air or watch them while they get the money.
Dr Brain, May 14 2006


       (bigsleep) How about we put a little red button on your head that alerts everyone of your stupidity.
Dr Brain, May 15 2006

       Button on the floor was half-baked in the 1980's docu-drama series "Sledgehammer".
Texticle, May 15 2006

       Wouldn't want to press [bigsleep]'s buttons...
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       Did Chairman Mao have a little red button ?
popbottle, Aug 03 2014


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