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Anti-Psycho Shower Curtain

Be one knife ahead of your killers.
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This of course came by while I was reading the Psycho Shower Curtain. It woud be a shower curtain with the blurry, slightly moving (with bad singing noises for the DeLuxe version) of a beautiful girl showering. This should attract all psycho-killers around, while you wait for your moment in the closet, your own butcher knife in hand......
sidi, Jan 24 2004


       This seems like unneeded entrapment. Psychotic killers tend to show up even if neither woman nor man baits them. What would mother think?
half, Jan 24 2004

       //neighbours will be green of envy of your unique pet//   

       Are you SURE, thats envy they'd be feeling?
Letsbuildafort, Jan 24 2004

       waiting for answer with bated breath
po, Jan 25 2004

       Entrapment is hardly ever unneeded (That is, if you live in a B-series slasher movie, which, given the number of people dying in each of them, seems to be quite frequent). Plus, you could possibly use that curtain only when you hear the manic violins, or even have another bathroom, this one safe.... Could also be useful to profilers, by designing it with the right features for the girl...
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       It seems the profilers have already jumped to erroneous conclusions about this girl. Any psycho-killer stalking the one bathroom of which he or she expects to find the girl taking her shower in is in for a surprise.   

       Better than mear entrappment--for the girl--she would have the satisfaction of knowing the happless psycho would have to defend himself from the resultant counter assault of one of four military service personnel that reside at the multi unit rental property he or she had mistaken for the girl's residence. Meanwhile the girl would be safe and sound in her family's respectable multi story, multi bath home on the charming multi-lot acreage with its own magic treehouse in the woods out back.   

       Despite whatever the trailers alluded to, she would never fit the profile of a "B movie 'Janet Leigh'". But she doesn't owe anyone any further explanation.
Tiger Lily, Jan 25 2004

       Actually, her name is Cedric.
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       It's certainly more logical in that other movie. But as the opening scene had shown Cedric already seated, and considering the temperment of the Norbert that came to my mind... Well, I guess it doesn't matter. It's not the first time or even the second time that someone has speculated one was the other.
Tiger Lily, Jan 25 2004

       That's the whole point. Cedric cannot speak with norbert right now, as she is waiting (curventsils in hand) for her shower curtain to be attacked by a psycho-killer.
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       "Entrapment is hardly ever unneeded"...in case you missed it, I only used the word entrapment to create a context that would make a following pun a bit less obvious. (I don't really talk that way.)   

       Not a very good pun either, apparently.
half, Jan 25 2004

       Sorry, apparently the context worked too well.... And by the way, half the time, mother IS the psycho killa.
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       That's scary. How many times has she done this?
Tiger Lily, Jan 25 2004

       Now you see why we need something to catch her red handed
sidi, Jan 25 2004

       Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa, fa bettah.
waugsqueke, Jan 25 2004

       Sigh......[humanbean], [half], this is my least favorite of the Norman clones.....   

       I think the best Normmodel was General Schwartzkopf, although the Cheers " Norm ! " was not too bad a version.   

       Of course, as THE Norm, I am the standard that all others should strive to emulate.
normzone, Jan 26 2004


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