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Zip Seal Shower Curtain

No More Leaks
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Tired of your bathroom floor looking like a flood zone? Just zip it up.

Mounted vertically on your shower tile at each end of the tub is one side of plastic interlocking "zip-lock" strip. Very similar to resealable bacon or cheese packaging. On both ends of the specially made shower curtain is the other piece to the interlocking strip. The system would keep splashing shower water IN to help lock-in your favorite soapy flavor. And uhh, keep the bathroom floor dry.

Letsbuildafort, Nov 20 2003

Stay Dry System (2000) http://www.staydrysystems.com/
As described. Thanks to the inventor of the existing product for pointing this out. [jutta, Jan 17 2005]

Snap! Eau-Non's Curtain Retention System http://www.eaunon.com/
"We Are Changing The Way The World Takes A Shower" [jutta, May 08 2006]


       Excellent. I have exactly this problem and would buy this device immediately. An added benefit - I have a corner-bath with shower mounted above. The circumference of the bath is therefore considerably longer than the width of most shower curtains. I therefore tend to have two curtains on the rail and overlap them by a couple of inches. This has its disadvantages though - e.g. the overlap area stays wet and gets mouldy. With two of your zip curtains I could just zip them together! Not only avoiding the overlap but affording me a ziptastic exit right in the middle. +
dobtabulous, Nov 20 2003

       Phew! not a real zip then, I remember when I was a little kid, forgetting to put Mr Wobbly away before I did the zip up......So, this sounds okay, and would also stop the shower curtain trying to adhere to your legs all the time.
Micky Dread, Nov 21 2003

       Well you're very silly indeed then [Rods]. +
squeak, Nov 21 2003

       It sounds like you're thinking a little too much on that one, [Rods]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 21 2003

       Do you mean that your shower curtain liners don't actually have a nice row of magnets along the bottom? I thought they all did these days.
darksasami, Nov 21 2003

       Very good. +
lintkeeper2, Nov 21 2003

       A way you can spend your shower time is then pretend to be a mime. +
sartep, Nov 21 2003

       [darksasami] - I'm surprised that people still use shower-over-bath arrangements and shower curtains at all. Tho I guess it's more efficient to work with what's there instead of replacing it.
benjamin, Nov 21 2003

       Well, they would still have have fancy magnets, but I'm talking about the ends where you enter/exit ... so water doesn't splash out from hitting your tile, or splash out because of the pool of water arround your ankles
Letsbuildafort, Nov 22 2003

       An unforeseen plus (if it can zip all the way around): If you want to take a very very very deep bath, you just zip up, and fill the bathtub until it reaches your neck.
genevieve, Dec 05 2003

       On reading this idea I realized that [RodsTiger] must have deleted his account. What a waste.
bungston, Jan 17 2005

       I agree. I find that with a lot of the ideas that I'm fond of. I see myself responding to the ultra-rare [buddha_pest] anno that was on a few of my ideas, but the account is gone.
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

       You sir, are a genius. [+]
kuupuuluu, May 08 2006

       Thanks, [kuupuuluu], but as [jutta] pointed out - a couple of companies invented time machines, went back to the year 2000, engineered and marketed my idea, and have been selling them ever since.   

       They say "it happens to the best of us."
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

       Hey All, My name is Aaron and I work for StayDry Systems as their web guy. Just wanted to thank you all for the traffic you've sent our way and answer any questions you half-bakers may have about the product development process for StayDry! So fire away :)
aharper, Feb 08 2011

       How'd you make the damned TIME MACHINE?!?
daseva, Feb 08 2011


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