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psycho shower curtain

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A shower curtain with the shadow of someone holding a knife up printed on it, a la the movie Psycho. Good for a laugh, or if you want to sneak up on someone in your shower with a knife.
annautgoff, Jun 27 2000

(?) Bates Motel Shower Curtain http://store.univer...asp?SSID=5&PID=2249
All kinds of Bates Motel stuff here. [blahginger, Jun 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) want one! http://www.football...om/Store/psycho.htm
[po, Jun 22 2002]

Psycho Shower Curtain http://www.vonr.com..._shower_curtain.jpg
An image of the Psycho shower curtain I mention in my other submission. [jvonr, Sep 17 2002, last modified Oct 11 2004]


       That's pretty stinkin' warped.
seizethefish, Dec 28 2000

       That's great! You could sell it in a set with a bath mat with blood stains on it.
MotoMannequin, Aug 17 2001

       You could add a slow dissolving bar of soap with red dye in the centre to the showerhead (YSMV)
Pallex, Aug 17 2001

       A wonderful complement to our neurotic bath towels.
The Military, Aug 18 2001

       When you draw it across, an electrical contact triggers a playback of Bernard Hermann's famous soundtrack music (the high pitched, "stabbing" violin music from the shower scene).
snarfyguy, Aug 18 2001

       Fear might stop family members hogging the shower for over long too.
mcscotland, Jan 23 2002

       A corrspondent informs me that "the psycho shower curtain does in fact exist. There's a company called Johnson Smith and Company that makes it, but it's out of stock right now. There's also a New York based bath and body shop, whose name I can't remember that also makes one. So, [it's] not just an idea."
jutta, Jun 22 2002

       It would be cool to add temperature sensitive technology to it as well, so that the shadow image doesn't show up until hot water hits it.
Matty, Jun 24 2002

       There is another Psycho shower curtain. It came as part of "a set of premier-party promotional items for the 1998 remake of the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror film PSYCHO.   

       "Included is a specially printed shower curtain, and postcards. The shower curtain is screen printed with the movie title logo and the image of a person behind the curtain.   

       "The image is about four feet tall, and will scare the heck out of unwary people that step into the bathroom late at night."   

       See the Psycho Shower Curtain link I submitted.
jvonr, Sep 17 2002

       Substitute scary psycho image for naked Banderas/Cruise/Bin Laden image, whistle to the wife while washing and gasp as you rediscover your sex life.
Ludwig, Oct 29 2002

       / bin laden/ Ossama?   

       We had a psycho shower curtain, it was certainly great. It was fun seeing peoples faces when they would catch a glimpse of it in our bathroom. Unfortunately it got moldy beyond repair and had to be replaced. If any one out there knows where I can buy another one I will be eternally grateful. Thanks a bunch
DianeLP, Dec 03 2003

       I just washed my Psycho Shower curtain- (which I've had for ten years, making this idea well and truly baked) but it shivelled up like a packet of crisps in a flame ;-( can't find another one.... looked, but no luck yet.
xenzag, Jul 05 2006


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