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Unwrap then wrap.
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An idea to use the cheap plastic wrap they wrap cheap hotel shower head wraps in, as the actual shower head covering, instead of wrapping it in cheap plastic wrap.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2012


       Why do "they" wrap the shower head in cheap plastic wrap? Is it because they ran out of tinfoil?
UnaBubba, Apr 18 2012

       so the wrap is crap?   

       are we wrapping the shower head or the person's head?
po, Apr 18 2012

       I think it's a shower head-wrap, not a shower-head wrap. Either way, the discussion is a crap wrap wrap wrap rap. But it's really a cap.
spidermother, Apr 18 2012

       <Dr Seuss alert!>
hippo, Apr 18 2012

       Would you like them on your hair?
Would you like them here or there?

       I would not like them in my hair.
I would not like them filled with Nair

       Can I buy them in a TuPac?
Can I try them in a Seuss shack?
UnaBubba, Apr 18 2012

       [marked-for-being-marked -or-something]
8th of 7, Apr 18 2012

       Yes, It's a head wrap for your head to prevent your hair from getting wet while you shower. (Occasionally I don't want to wash my hair in the shower, as in when I have just had it done at the salon and don't want to wash it again in the same day.)   

       So they take this little plastic head wrap, and wrap it in plastic to package it. When you could easily enough just use the outer plastic wrap for your wrap, instead of tossing the wrapping and using the exact same thing basically for your wrap.   

       Too much plastic out there in the world. I always look for ways to reduce the amount of plastic generated in our garbage. So getting double use out of anything plastic has to be good.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2012

       Someone will want to reuse Michael Jackson's face... I just know it.
UnaBubba, Apr 19 2012

       And, since you are using the wrap instead of the cap, you could easily use the discarded cap to protect the wrap, but then, since... uh oh! Infinite loop alert! [+] / [+] \ [+] / [+] \ [+] ... (etc)
Grogster, Apr 19 2012


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