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Anti-Stress Toy

A device for your evil coworkers
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So basically you have a coworker that needs to be taught a lesson. Your coworker loves stress toys. They have practically taken over his or her desk in a neat, orderly fashion.

Wobbly type stress toys feature a big smile and an egg shape. When you bop them, they wobble around, eventually coming to a rest. But what if they never came to a rest?

What if the wobbly stress toy has an internal vibrator or motor, designed to make the toy continuously, but ever so slightly, wobble back and forth? Your coworker would subconsciously notice something is wrong, but wouldn't quite be able to put their finger on it. Eventually they would take a closer look, and see that the wobbles never quite stopped, that the wobbles NEVER stopped.

Perhaps they would call you over to verify this unusual event. "Take a close look at this wobbly toy- see it moving?"

And you would take a close look, and slowly stare into your coworker's fearful eyes, and reply, "No." Then casually resume your work duties.

The cognitive dissonance from the gas-lighting combined with the soothing smile on the stress toy would culminate into a maelstrom of stress.

looonghamster, Oct 04 2016

Wobbly Stress Toy https://promoexcite...alized-stress-ball/
example of what it should look like [looonghamster, Oct 04 2016]


       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [looong].
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2016


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