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A common danger in profession of dentistry is spinal degeneration where the vertebrae in the spine rub against one another, leading to a narrowing of the disc space and end plate sclerosis. With age, this becomes extremely painful and restricts movement.

This is due to the poor posture that the develops from sitting in a bad position for many hours of the day.

Dentists often use a loop as a hands free magnifying glass. Why not incorporate a set of mirrors into this loop, allowing the Dentist to resume a comfortable position?

Dentist already have to adjust to view the hind side of upper teeth and some lower teeth too. Endodontists don't even look at the patient the majority of the time-- they look through a microscope. Surgeons look at a monitor.

It isn't only dentists who have this problem, geeks do too! Why not also make a super uncool set of glasses that allow us to look straight ahead, while still seeing the screen or keyboard, provided that we could get the image the right way? Just a thought- you can see screen on 3/4 and keyboard on the other 1/4 of the mirror.

danman, Jul 06 2009


       dentists are sadists so why should we care?
po, Jul 06 2009

       Geeks don't need to see the keyboard.
daseva, Jul 06 2009

       Yes daseva, but it would be optional and you could perhaps use it for something thing you are typing up?   

       Po, if some one is using a high powered drill in my mouth, I would rather they in a good mood.
danman, Jul 06 2009

       I would also really like to get one of these for studying!
danman, Jul 06 2009

       Cute title.
jutta, Jul 06 2009

       [danman] Have you ever seen "Little Shop Of Horrors" (80's version) and "The Jerk", back-to-back?   

       {Thinks about including "The Man with Two Brains" into the list, but doesn't}
Dub, Jul 06 2009

       i don't know what ? -> ! means
simonj, Jul 07 2009

       ? -> ! I found it irritating at first, but jutta's sarcasm free praise made me think I had missed something and indeed I had. Ponder the mystery. You will be proud of yourself when you figure it out and I will be proud of you too.
bungston, Jul 07 2009

       So, not an occam pass-through?
coprocephalous, Jul 07 2009

       [copro]! You bloody anorak!   

       {Wonders: Why I didn't think of a BBC BASIC related comment yesterday - or at least an inverted triadic C dereference}
Dub, Jul 07 2009

       I'm with [bungston] - needed Jutta to make me think a little more   

       Particularly like that it has generic applicability (interpreted one way) for ALL HB ideas, but is utterly brilliant (interpreted a completely different way) for this one.   

       damn! [danman]'s da man!
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       [simonj] it is a straight answer to a curly question...
madness, Jul 07 2009

       Yes cloud, but I suspect this wont make us look any less crazy.
danman, Jul 08 2009

       *22: ? x _
pashute, Jul 08 2009


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