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Anti-bully SMS

Learn from IM
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The UK press has recently published stories of the phenomenom of bullying-by-text message (SMS). These stories detail the considerable mental torment suffered at the hands of other schoolchildren via anonymous, threatening SMS.

Such a phenomenom also exist(ed) in Instant Messaging, but the user always has the ability to block to perpetrator and so stop the messages. (Of course, physical bullying may well continue).

This could/should be applied to mobile (cell) phones. Via the anti-bully sms service, on receiving a disturbing, bullying SMS, the phone owner is able to send a business card with the number of the perpetrator to a central network number. From then on, when that number texts the victim, the message is blocked to ensure no more harm is done.

[Alternatively, a "your number has been blocked. the receiver failed to receive your message" reply could be dispatched, but the nature of this message would have to be carefully thought about]

jonthegeologist, Jul 25 2006


       Goodun, although it may piss the bully off, reaction seeking 'n' all. Bouncing bun.   

       Ah, I see you got the bun.
skinflaps, Jul 25 2006

       the problem as I would see it is that you cannot stop someone from sending you a text message from any email address (to your phone). And stopping/filtering those is like fighting spam. There are also any number of websites that let you send SMS
theircompetitor, Jul 25 2006

       Hard to argue with this one - I'm wondering why it isn't available already.   

       (Of course, I don't text anyone or get text messages, other than from my telephone company telling me I need to pay the bill.)
DrCurry, Jul 25 2006

       I'm suprised we don't have this yet. *cough hint cough*[+]
kuupuuluu, Jul 25 2006

       People afraid of scary anonymous text messages should get rid of the phone and hide in their closet where it's safe.
Mr Burns, Jul 25 2006

       The problem is in the papers today - we'll just slap a grand fine on the parents. - that'll learn 'em!.
gnomethang, Jul 25 2006

       <hiding behind [Mr Burns]>   

       getting ready to shout boo and scare him shitless!
po, Jul 25 2006

       <hiding behind [po]>   

       <sending [Mr Burns] a text message to tell him: "[po]'s bhnd u. Watch out">
methinksnot, Jul 25 2006

       snitty snotty.   

       I'll get you at playtime
po, Jul 25 2006

       This *is* playtime.
<hides in the closet, where it is safe>
methinksnot, Jul 25 2006

       Get out of my closet! I was here first!
wagster, Jul 25 2006

       No, *you* get out of the closet first. There is no way *I'm* getting out of the closet. You do it first, you get out of the closet. OUT, OF, THE, CLOSET, [wagster].
methinksnot, Jul 25 2006

       Oh, ok then.   

       I prefer men.
wagster, Jul 25 2006

       <opens closet door>
<looks at [wagster]>
<flutters eyelids>
<retreats back into closet leaving door ajar>
methinksnot, Jul 25 2006

       I'm sure this is an excellent idea but I'm confused by the notion of 'anonymous, threatening SMS'. When I receive a text message, my phone displays the number of the phone which sent it (or the name of the sender, if that person happens to be in my phone's memory). How can a text message be anonymous? (Please note that I have owned a cell phone for about 15 years and have sent less than a dozen text messages - I am not, in the widely perceived sense, well-informed regarding cell phones.)
angel, Jul 26 2006

       anonymous in the sense that you have a number, but no name. It's a bully who you cannot identify
jonthegeologist, Jul 26 2006

       Sadly, due to the nature of the relationship, the victim is unlikely to text back "I'm going to trace this number, come find you, and break your legs" which is the proper response.   

       <throws in ferret, shuts door>
wagster, Jul 26 2006

       [tc] had it right in his first anno. - there's no way to stop an inventive bully from SMSing you...except perhaps, not giving them your phone number in the first place?
DocBrown, Jul 26 2006

       That ferret was taaasteee [wagster], mmm-mmmm. Got any badger for pudding?
methinksnot, Jul 26 2006


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