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anti-theft number

good point TXT
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Have you ever misplaced your cell phone? I know I do 2 or 3 times a year. This causes me some anxiety due to the unauthorised use potential. I propose a pin to disable a cell with a call, that way when a phone is just misplaced or for that matter if it is actually lost or stolen it can be disabled while you wait for it to turn up. I realise the phone service provider can do this but it isn't convenient and convenience is what people want. For the record My house is out of cell range so I cant call to find my phone.
pydor, Nov 07 2006

Recently Baked http://news.yahoo.c...apan_security_phone
Albeit by a slightly different method and it doesn't require you to notice that the phone is missing. [craigts, Nov 07 2006]


       "Cell phones" are widely known to exist. Your summary would make a better title.   

       Seems like a good idea, though.
Texticle, Nov 07 2006

       Yes, a phone that turns off on its own would be OK but it seems this baked security phone is a set up to take your money . Most of what it does can be done with no special card. A card that costs money to replace and no doubt a fee to enable. The facial recognition software alone can do everything without a card, including being convenient and cheap which are my ideas benefits. Thanks for the research though I must admit I didn't Google this I figured if it wasn't in use or half-baked it needed to be.
pydor, Nov 07 2006

       Well I didn't fishbone you... I didn't mean 'Baked' as in 'widely known to exist.'
craigts, Nov 07 2006


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