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Silk Nutsack Hammocks

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I like to sit down in the shower, because I am tall, and the warm water that hits my head is cold by the time it gets to my feet. Unfortunately, I have the problem of my nutsack resting on the cold tiles. I propose a Silk Nutsack Hammock. It would be simple, a piece of silk which is placed under the scrotum and secured around the shaft, holding the aforementioned scrote out of harm's way, almost pleasurably comfortable, and different from a thong in that heterosexual men could wear it. I believe that this device, like WD-40, has the potential for thousands of different uses in life. "Wherever you go, go in style...with Silk Nutsack Hammocks"
monk, Apr 29 2007

Underbasin water heater Underbasin_20water_20heater
So you don't need freaky getups to shower in comfort [ye_river_xiv, Apr 30 2007]


       Damn, how tall are you?   

       (goes off to calculate temperature loss rates and water movement data)
normzone, Apr 29 2007

       Ask the good citizens of Lilliput to craft one for you.
marklar, Apr 29 2007

       Why would it have to be waterproof?
nuclear hobo, Apr 29 2007

       I would imagine that dressing up to get in the shower could be inconvenient, and unless this was attached to you, you'd likely trip on it from time to time... or any woman in your house would complain a good deal... or the cockroaches in the drain would come out for a game of voleyball from time to time...   

       As an outfit... um... This is not a thong? Wearing clothing in the shower could lead to missed spots. Generally, a scrotum is something you want to keep pretty clean.   

       Why not just heat the shower floor [link]
ye_river_xiv, Apr 30 2007

       Ladies and Gentlemen, the situation described is far from being the only time a lad could use his Nutsack Hammock. I would like to ask my fellow halfbakers for help in brainstorming conceivable uses. Here are a few of my own: While horseback riding, while lovemaking, while swimming, long distance running, playing rugby...
monk, Apr 30 2007

       Never heard of shower mats? I believe those will keep you from freezing your balls off.
DrCurry, Apr 30 2007

       So you can wear it when playing rugby, and making love? So this is... like an under-penis G-string?   

       I guess this means the roaches will not be able to use it as a net for games of bahttub volleyball. Hmpf! I was beginning to come up with other uses for a nut-hammock strung across the bath tub.
ye_river_xiv, May 01 2007

       Am I buzzed or have there been some text changes in the idea? OK, I know I'm buzzed, but...damn, how tall are you, anyways?
normzone, May 01 2007


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