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Anti-fight/mating device

Worn on the collar of all dogs and cats to stop them fighting and mating
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NOTE: for this to work it would have to be fitted to all or most animals - a government scheme to fit them nationwide, based on lessening wilds and strays would be perfect.

A small electrode with a radio emitter/reciever is worn on the collar of your domestic cat/dog - if he/she gets too close to another animal wearing a similar device...bzzzzz - a harmless but noticable shock is given to the animals in question. They will quickly learn not to liase unofficially with other animals, be that fighting or unwanted mating. Hence no more visits to the vet with injured animals and no more unwanted additions to the family!

Could be extended to humans if you are an obsessive parent, although this is not advised or condoned :o)

WelshGuy, Jan 16 2004

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       It's an external conscience for animals?
k_sra, Jan 16 2004

       But what if they just want to sniff each other - or, in the case of trained dogs, shake hands with each other?   

       I don't know why I care.
phundug, Jan 16 2004

       Dogs are very social animals by nature, and this would slam right against that instinct. I think the result would be a great many psychotic dogs.
krelnik, Jan 16 2004

       ... life is very short and there's no tiiiime for fighting and mating my friend.
bungston, Jan 16 2004

       But what if I like fighting and mating ... isn't fighting a part of the mating process anyway?
Letsbuildafort, Jan 16 2004

       from a distance and given a slight myopia, you could not tell the difference.
po, Jan 16 2004

       This is so mean....what kind of life do you think an animal would lead if it could not interact with other animals?   

       [letsbuildafort] to me fighting is a part of mating but I don't think that goes with everyone..;)
babyhawk, Jan 16 2004

       Oh, you know me TOO well, [po]!
Letsbuildafort, Jan 16 2004

       There's these wacky ideas running around to curb "unofficial liasons." They're called "spaying and neutering" and "fencing your pets in"; maybe you've heard of them?
Tabbyclaw, Jun 02 2004


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