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strap a computer to a dog and give treats with it
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This device would strap to a dog's back. (adjustable sensor placement fits most dogs) It would use movement sensors to understand what position the dog is in. It would make use of a smart phone, tablet, and/or it would come with a computer.

The user would speak various commands into the computer, such as "sit" in various voices. (quiet, angry, high voice, low voice) This and strapping the thing on would be the only necessary human interaction with the animal.

The device would also include a hopper with treats positioned in such a way that the most agile and intelligent dog would be unable to get to it directly.

Using the well-proven training method of positive reinforcement the device would train the dog.

For example it would play "sit" and provide a treat as the dog comes closer to moving into the correct position. Later it would use a time delay and only provide a treat after the dog has sat for a given time. The next phase would be to only provide the treat when the dog stands up on command.

Also possible is a stationary device to move treats up and down to get the dog's nose moving in the right direction.

Optionally includes a tagged throw-toy with or without a robotic throwing arm: the dog can be trained to fetch and then return the toy to the hopper.

Finally a dog can be exercised, potty trained, obedience trained, and otherwise cared for leaving the owner to do nothing but enjoy happy times with him.

Combined with an autofeeder and additional software for pack training it's conceivable that several dogs could be properly trained from birth with almost no supervision required, and with even more accessories could extend to training police, stunt, drug, and seeing-eye dogs.

Voice, Oct 05 2013

Clever new A.I. system promises to train your dog while you’re away from home https://www.digital...ai-trains-your-dog/
[Voice, Jan 17 2021]


       Why bother with training, just implant electrodes into the motor nerves.
pocmloc, Oct 05 2013

       You'd end up with a mutt that ignored you completely until you strapped a computer to his back.
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2013

       [+] Combine this with a module to deliver a mild shock as punishment for bad behaviour (such as piddling on the hallway carpet), and you deserve every penny of the million you will make.
awesomest, Oct 11 2013

       Hi [voice], which is true?   

       a. You don't own a dog.   

       b. You own a dog that defies training.
pashute, Oct 13 2013

       [pashute] the implication you are implying is invalid.
Voice, Oct 13 2013

       //You'd end up with a mutt that ignored you completely until you strapped a computer to his back.// Placebo computer backpack ? At least until the mutt figures out it gets nothing from the new boss.
popbottle, Oct 13 2013

       A collar with a slightly enlarged pez like dispenser might be more current technology because how often does the dog leave the range?
wjt, Jan 19 2021


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