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Bark Recognition Pet Door

Only Your Dog Has Access
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A hidden weight sensor pad activates a recording of the dog's owner commanding, "Speak". The dog barks, and voice recognition software activates the unlocking of the pet door. This keeps neighhood canines from also using said door. I just saw a show where a neighbor was coming through the dog door to rob the house. Would be good for that situation, too.
Rm Brz, Mar 11 2002

Behold! Automatic dog door. http://www.smarthome.com/6150.html
They exist for cats, too. [StarChaser, Mar 11 2002]

Image Recognition Cat Door http://www.quantump...rol/flo_control.htm
Admittedly pretty much the opposite... [jutta, Mar 26 2002]

This is the wrong way to do it. https://i.pinimg.co...fd39d72d1392ecf.jpg
[Voice, Oct 31 2017]

I hereby pronounce this idea to be related .... Trick_20or_20Treater_20Non_20Repeater
[normzone, Oct 31 2017]


       Mephista, researchers are getting there but as I understand it the job is quite complicated. I think the best they've got are sniffers for specific substances.   

       Why not just have a tag with a magnetic signature on your dog's collar? The reader on the dog door would have to be able to read the tag from some distance away...you could use a tiny transmitter, all sorts of things.   

       I am quite chuffed that MY dog barks very rarely. I do not wish to teach him to bark more.
Dog Ed, Mar 11 2002

       Those are baked, Dog Ed. A link appears.
StarChaser, Mar 11 2002

       Give the dog or cat a Paw Pilot or some Paw /Bark/ Meow Recognition Software or a Bark Code Scanner or a Mouse for the cat or...
thumbwax, Mar 11 2002

       Starchaser's link seems to be the solution. You don't want the pet door swinging open every time your dog barks.
mrthingy, Mar 11 2002

       The linked door looks very cool... especially if it can be made to make a Star Trek style "choosh" sound as it opens & closes.
Jeremi, Mar 11 2002

       Heh...I don't think it actually opens and closes in that way. The last time I saw one of these <for a cat>, it had a lock that held the door shut until one of the keys came close to it, then it unlocked until the key moved away. It still worked the same as a normal cat flap...
StarChaser, Mar 11 2002

       Hey, cool, thanks Tech Tyger.
Dog Ed, Mar 13 2002

       was the poo trying to get in or out?
po, Mar 13 2002

       Define: Poo
thumbwax, Mar 13 2002

       Winnie the Poo[h]
po, Mar 13 2002

       I like the nuttiness of dog-bark recognition, myself. +
bristolz, Mar 14 2002

       I saw the same show with the neighbor breaking into the house through the dog door. Neither the magnetic device nor the dog bark door would stop the neighbor who is friendly with the dog. The dog bark system is good though; you just have to teach the dog to bark "under duress" if someone is making him do it and that will call for help.
dag, Mar 14 2002

       Yeah, after all, the neighbours would need some sort of crazy 'casette' 'recording' device to record your dog's bark to get around this one before stealing your stuff...
PyramidHead, Mar 15 2002

       Looks like this could be used as an easy way into your house by a persistent burgaler. He could just swipe a Nickelodeon(tm) Brand Super Secret Spy Tape Recorder with Oozing Goo Compartment from his ten-year-old, sample your dog's wooferation, and in two shakes of a Lab's tail wriggle through the new entrance to gain access to your prized collection of Hank Williams, Sr. 8-tracks.
jester, Mar 16 2002

       [PyramidHead] You should be smart enough to know that the system under discussion here would be good enough to distinguish between the barks directed at the doggie door and those directed at your cassette recorder. Anyone who has an ounce of perception and has spent any time at all around dogs would know the simple fact that dogs just will not participate in a fraudulent replay attack. You too, brettjs.
bristolz, Mar 16 2002

       But what about the old "hide the voice-activated recorder in the bush beside the doggy door" trick?   

       I agree that bark recognition could be a problem. But what about auto-aligning laser long-range doggy retinal scan? (With a safety feature to verify blood flow through the retina, to make sure some jerk didn't just yank poor Fiddo's eyeball out!)
aspdesigner, Mar 16 2002

       I like the idea as long as it works both ways or lets the dog out without barking or a on-off switch for the inside. Only problem for me is that my dog doesn't bark unless we tell him to repeatedly. Can't train him either, too stupid.
krigre55, Dec 10 2007

       The speak command wouldn't work for my dog either, but a brief picture of the mailman would be perfect.
ldischler, Dec 10 2007

       Thought about posting something with a video door bell for pets, dug this idea up
theircompetitor, Oct 28 2017

       // a video door bell for pets //   

       Unwise ... some dogs would let anyone in if they've got food on offer; and cats wouldn't even bother to go and look at the monitor.
8th of 7, Oct 28 2017

       ^ groans..
not_morrison_rm, Nov 04 2017

       I'm not goanna start with lizard puns.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2017

       We saurian that one coming ...
8th of 7, Nov 04 2017


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