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Anti Pet Sprinkler

Never worry about your damn pets ruining your house
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If there is something that most cats and dogs hate is water. Even dogs that like to swim hate the hose. So for all those damn pets that tear your house apart, like your cats that sharpen their claws with your couch, we have Anti Pet Sprinkler. This would be a very cunning micro sprinkler that you can attach behind the fabric of your couch along with a sensor in key places so they are hardly visible. So as soon as the sensor notices the cat a tiny amount of water is sprinkled in its face so they stay away.

It would be so little water that it would just dampen your couch or carpet momentarily. But it would keep your pets from urinating or scratching your furniture. The tiny sprinkler would be connected by a very thin flexible tube to a small water supply possibly under the couch or maybe somewhere else.

For outside in the garden there would be much more powerful versions to keep big dogs from getting in areas you don't want and stop them from destroying all your cute fence and that sort of things. And you could probably turn them off really easy or even program them like normal sprinklers.

SmartyPants, Oct 07 2003

Outdoor ones already exist http://www.biconet....tter/sprinkler.html
[Helium, Oct 17 2004]


       Yup, I hate it too when people sprinkle their pets everywhere.
hippo, Oct 07 2003

       start to worry when they *sprinkle* you.
po, Oct 07 2003

       We tried something like this on our Jack Russell Terrier using a mini-spray bottle filled with water. This idea worked for about a week...then the dog got used to the water spray. Had to swap out the water with apple-bitter spray. This REALLY discourages our dog more than the water ever did!
muzer, Oct 07 2003

       Pete and Dud (the cats) also hate the water spray but this idea wins in a few extra ways. Currently, when our two behave badly, we need to spray them instantly to re-inforce that "eating Daddy's shoes" for example, is bad. This means either

a) Having a spray gun on me at all times
b) Having a spray gun in each room
c) Following both kittens at all times

       Therefore, Smartypants' idea wins
jonthegeologist, Oct 07 2003

       // ...as soon as the sensor notices the cat... //   

       How does the sensor know it's a cat, and not you sitting down?
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003


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