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Anti car theft

The Instant Damage Kit
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... Car thieves given a choice, steal the best car available as they drive past. Why should they risk getting caught stealing a battered Bentley when they can nab a near new Nissan Primera. ... Conclusion : reduce the risk of losing your beloved car with my INSTANT DAMAGE KIT in the colour of your vehicle. ... Each kit contains a rolled-up peel-off "deceive the eye" simulation of a side-swipe by a bus. No thief will give your car a second look. ... Even if he's desperate and steals it, the camera will probably find him. ... The INSTANT WRECK KIT includes two spray cans; one contains KWIKOFF for removing the simulation easily, and the other can holds INSTANT DIRT to spray on here and there to your taste.
rayfo, Nov 14 2000


       I don't drive these days. I'm too dithery. But my wife's tiny Suzuki Alto was stolen from our driveway. As often as not we carelessly left it in the street. We rang up the Suzuki agency to get some missing details. "Stolen? Stolen?" said the dealer. "But nobody steals ALTOs!" That's what we thought too.
rayfo, Nov 14 2000

       Perhaps you can upgrade your kit with remote-activated inflating/deflating tires. One or all tires could be used in such a way to deter thieves, giving the illusion that not only had the car been roughed up, but the vandals beat them too.
sorrow786, May 11 2001

       I heard about a way you can electrify the surface of your car (the metal parts anyway) by tinkering with the electrical system... that might be a little more practical than wrecking your car, but what do i know
ishotpac, Apr 03 2002

       Have you seen what happens to vandalised cars; they get more vandalised. I don't know whether a pre vandalised vehicle makes the vandal less weary (or guilty??) but it spreads like a rash. Within a week there probably wouldn't be much left of your car.
timo, Sep 25 2002

Mithras, Mar 28 2003

       Your idea is great but...   

       "Car thieves given a choice, steal the best car available as they drive past."   

       Not true. The most stolen cars are often the most easy to steal. not the most expensive.
bovinemilk, Feb 19 2004

       Just drive a wrecked up car? I want a kit that instantly conceals the severe damage from bad driving.   

       Car theft targets cars which can be sold for parts discretely- or high value cars that get shipped to Pacific counties or Russia
xylene, Feb 19 2004

       Maybe I'm a little slow here, but why spend all that money on a new car, PLUS one INSTANT WRECK KIT, when you can get the real thing for a lot less!? Or just lend your shiney new car to one of the kids in my neighborhood with a shiney new drivers license, and they'll make it look just like it's got the INSTANT WRECK KIT installed, no charge.
riccoman, Feb 19 2004


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