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Fake Car

thiefs steal the 1 made out of wood
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as we all thiefs are thick so you can put your real car out of sight somewhere, preferably garage, and on the kerb put a fake car so the thief, thick enough to try, will end up setting off some sort of alarm attaracting police attention
GreeboMaster, Sep 09 2001

Radical Anti-Theft products http://www.halfbake...ti-Theft_20Products
well it inspired this idea along with Fake Death Ray [GreeboMaster, Sep 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Fake Death Ray http://www.halfbake...ray#1000032026-13-1
well it inspired this idea along with Radical Anti-Theft products [GreeboMaster, Sep 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       they might nick both   

       if I was clever enough to make a fake car that a theif could drive away - I would make a real one for myself and save myself loads of money   

       do you have the same reg plate on both? illegal   

       they might become collectable
po, Sep 09 2001

       it's my first idea and it was designed to have flaws but the thief can't drive away but they can't get out once their in or something like that so the police can get them
GreeboMaster, Sep 09 2001, last modified Sep 11 2001

       so you designed it to have flaws - how clever of you - I wish I had thought of that
po, Sep 09 2001

       po: your making me sound cleaver   

       I wonder who gave me the votes hmmm 1 of them was me!!! :-)   

       can you annotate some ideas for the fake car plz   

       po: what are you on about "Also I wish I spoke as much of your 1st language as you do of mine"???
GreeboMaster, Sep 09 2001

       I suppose | was asking - what is your 1st language?   

       e.g. what is plz in English?   

       idea for your car - paint it red
po, Sep 09 2001

       Oh, the humanity!
PotatoStew, Sep 09 2001

       This is kind of funny... but wont we then have twice as much trouble finding a parking spot... I can see problems transporting a large wooden car with you so I'm going to sugest an inflatable car... filled with hydrogen so it explodes...
RobertKidney, Sep 09 2001

       Decoy car with big green monster hands that spring out from underneath and grab the ankles of a would-be thief when he touches the door handle? Or one could hire a monstrous big person to hide under the car and grab ankles.   

       Welcome aboard, GreeboMaster. Suggestion: type your idea in Word or WordPerfect and use the spellchecker before you post it. There are a lot of viscious pedants lurking about these here woods, and I are one sometimes when the moon is out. Snarl.
Dog Ed, Sep 09 2001

       leaf a note on some one elss car that seys "Hey, Nic Steero! Cant' wate to here it!"
thumbwax, Sep 10 2001

       I like the idea rob but the idea was that the thief will be trapped inside (I was joking about the wood)
GreeboMaster, Sep 11 2001

       hey pete if ya can find any of thoses arty fake cars you were on about please make a link to it
GreeboMaster, Sep 29 2001

       hey GreeboMaster. Been tryin 2 find out abt u u sound like a cool kinda guy. By rock music what do u mean? do u mean spaz rock like linkin park or 'rock' like sum 41 or whatever, heavy metal, goth shit or System of a Down 'weird rock?'
ninjafishcake, Jun 14 2003

       And fake houses, fake banks, where will it end...?
git, Jun 14 2003

       No person who has ever seen a real car could mistake one made of wood or somthing else other than metal. Good idea. Bad medium.
bovinemilk, Feb 19 2004

       In S. Florida, on thr turnpike the cops use fake cop cars- not just an empty cop car, but like a half scale fiberglass dummy of one side of a patrol car, like something out of the Maaco waiting room...
xylene, Feb 19 2004

       Seem to remember a scene from a rocky and bulwinkle episode where the badguy replaces their car with a cardboard cutout which buys him several seconds at least. However done properly in 3D, light enough to lift, but heavy enough not to blow away, it could keep your parking space. Tinted windows mean you could skimp on interior detail.
dooper, Apr 07 2004


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