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Wasp Nest Car Security

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Fake wasp nest on the passenger seat, with a few of the faux-critters crawling on the windows.
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2010


       The heat would make this a short term tool - Have you seen the movie "Defendor" ? I recommend it.
normzone, Aug 14 2010

       There is a wasp stuck in my back window light at the moment! + I'd like to see the nest hanging from the rear view mirror, though- you know, like a shrunken head.
xandram, Aug 14 2010

       The shrunken head would do it, especially if there were flies orbiting around it. I quite like the wasp nest too. +
xenzag, Aug 14 2010

       How about an animatronic vampire bat clinging to the rear view mirror ?
8th of 7, Aug 14 2010

       I rented a place once that had an enormous wasps nest above the front door. Because I didn't threaten them, and left out the odd scarps of meat I could go out there all I wanted and never worry about getting bit.   

       We wuz buddies.   

       It was great security because anyone who knew me went around to the back door automatically.   


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