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Antiodor seat cushions

Anti odor seat cushions (for the office, car, etc.)
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The seat cushion would be porous and permeable by gases, and contain active charcoal, iron filings, and perhaps other materials. The purpose would be to deodorize gas that the person expells while sitting on it. The iron filings neutralize the hydrogen sulfide, the gas that causes the rotten egg smell component of farts. The active charcoal takes care of any other smell components. This can be handy for use with people in enclosed offices who have problems with gas.
Frostybeard, Apr 01 2004

The Gas Medic http://www.gasbgon....asmedic/default.asp
GasMedic's unique, "source-capture" filter design works where you do—in the home, office, school, car, plane, restaurant or other social settings where your busy day takes you. Think of it as your personal bodyguard. [hookedup, Oct 04 2004]


       Actually this is a good idea, It should be standard equipment in an automobile or truck.
dentworth, Apr 01 2004

       It is a good idea. Unfortunately it's widely known to exist and has been halfbaked before in various guises.
squeak, Apr 01 2004

       if you use such a thing in a car, why trouble yourself with the chemicals to make odours go away? Just suck them out of the car with a hose attached to the underside of the seat.   

       for the rest: nice idea
nietsch, Apr 01 2004


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