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Nidorlux Transducer

An odor to light sensor and emitter.
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First in a series of unrealized transducers. This particular sensor will monitor the environment for foul odors and emit a bright light upon detection. I submit that if placed discretely near or on a potentially offending individual the benefits of this device as a flatulence detector are obvious, maybe even profound.
bingalls01, Aug 24 2006

Electronic nose research http://www.iit.edu/~jrsteach/enose.html
[half, Aug 24 2006]


       Can it be controlled to still point at the dog?
shapu, Aug 24 2006

       The generation II version (computer controlled) will be able to descriminate between animal species.
bingalls01, Aug 24 2006

       See, that's totally not the answer I wanted...
shapu, Aug 24 2006

       How would you quantify 'foul'?
angel, Aug 24 2006

       How do you place this discretely on an individual?
ldischler, Aug 24 2006

       angel - I would calibrate using shapu's dog
bingalls01, Aug 24 2006

       "Professor Bingalls!, we put the dog in the sealed chamber and we are not detecting any foul odor at all! Oh wait! There is something, No, that's no good, [shapu] opened the chamber to pet the dog."
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 24 2006


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