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Fartstopper 2002 (as <not> seen on TV)

Should you really have to smell farts?
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I don't know if this has appeared on this site already, as it is a pretty deep site. It would be nice if someone created tiny nasal implants that, when a fart is "released" you would instantly smell another replacement smell (apple pie? warm laundry?). Maybe it could just be some sort of room deodorizer instead of an implant, and it could work on detecting levels of methane in the air? Sorry if i'm being redundant here.
kittybot, Aug 03 2002


       I was thinking of this same idea today as I passed by a paving crew (whistle, whistle, hey baby, hey baby) and longed for a gadget to mask the odor of tar. I longed for a original cat call too, but I received neither. alas. We should have at least one of the two.
rubyissues, Aug 03 2002

       Unfortunately, I believe the gene that causes these construction persons to be unoriginally watching and perving on people walking innocently down the street NOT giving out marilyn-monroe-vent-blowing-up-skirt-vibes is the same gene that makes them use the "Hey Baby <whistly noise>" line. Some things never change. <G>
kittybot, Aug 03 2002

       Sounds like you also need some ear canal transplants to modify incoming male noise pollution.
FarmerJohn, Aug 03 2002

       Baked, I think. I work in an operating theatre quite a lot and there are some bloody sketchy odours hanging around in there,I can tell you. I find the best thing to do is take some REALLY deep breaths (whilst suppressing my gag reflex) and once some sort of critical mass is reached in the olfactory organs, the stench not only becomes bearable but unnoticable. Believe me, if this method works for the smell of burning prostate gland or the contents of an abcess, its gonna work for a little farty smell. Don't mean to gross anyone out, but BIG BREATHS....works wonders. Clears the sinus's too!
briandamage, Aug 03 2002

       Obligatory "Which one of you assholes farted?" Post
thumbwax, Aug 03 2002

       If someone was cooking apple pie you'd go "gross, who farted?" And every time you ate apple pie you'd be eating something that smelled the same as farts to you. Great idea, but I reckon hit it closer to the source. Underwear with in-built smell absorbers (like in Odour Eating Pants). Construction workers with in-built pervert prevention.
Eronel, Aug 04 2002

       Check out the Flatulence deodorizer, it works, I guarantee it.
franko2, Jan 13 2003


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