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Whoopee Odorant Roll-on

with the fine stench of hydrogen sulfide, skatole, indole and mercaptans
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When applied liberally to the armpit, underarm wind-breaking will be conferred an added whiff of realism.
FarmerJohn, Jul 24 2005


       Will it be timed release, or micro-sphere encapsulated? Will it come in my choice of broccoli, gouda, or boiled eggs?
moPuddin, Jul 24 2005

       F-J, I am gradually building a psychological profile of you, based on your H-B postings. I have to say that, so far, it looks very very worrying.[+]
Basepair, Jul 24 2005

       worrying to who?
po, Jul 24 2005

       //worrying to who?// that depends on which aspects of my profile are correct. Could be only immediate family and certain mammals; or it could be almost anyone sharing an atmosphere.
Basepair, Jul 24 2005


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