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AnyTemp Coffee Dispenser

Two reservoirs + adjustable thermostatic mixing valve
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Basically, have a coffeemaker which brews coffee, and puts it into two internal reserviors. One reservoir is kept at the hottest temperature that any sane person might drink coffee, while the other is unheated -- possibly even refrigerated, to the lowest temperature that any sane person might drink coffee. (If refrigeration is used, logic suggests that the waste heat would be used to heat the hot reservoir).

When the user wants a cup of coffee, he puts his cup beneath the spigot, adjusts the control knob at front until the digital display indicates the temperature he wants his coffee at, then presses and holds the dispense button. The coffee then comes from the two reservoirs in the appropriate proportions to produce that particular temperature.

In between uses (perhaps after every cup), the target temperature of mixing resets itself, to some temperature which is hot enough for most people, but not so hot as to scald people's mouths.

goldbb, May 18 2009

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       a solution searching for a problem....
WcW, May 18 2009

       // brews coffee, and puts it into two internal reserviors//   

       Then that would not be coffee, would it? Coffee is a drink prepared freshly from ground, roasted coffee beans. Holding at any temperature for more than 7 minutes converts it into HBL (hot brown liquid) or WBL (warm brown liquid).   

       Better, by far, to have a heat-exchanger built into the espresso machine, so that the coffee is thermally adjusted immediately after production.   

       Incidentally, if a temperature option were added to Starbucks' list of options, the number of conceivable coffees would exceed the number of protons in the observable universe, yet they would all still be HBL or WBL.   

       There is, in fact, a theory which states that there is only a single cup of Starbucks coffee in the universe, and that it loops back and forth through time, intersecting our slice of time at multiple locations. This has been proposed as an explanation for the "spooky action at a distance", whereby someone in Dayton, Ohio can drink a cup of Starbucks and think "Oh, that was disappointing" and, at the same instant, someone in Belgrade can have exactly the same experience.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2015


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