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Aortic pulse rocking mattress

Now on the outside, but just like the inside!
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Consider the fetus. Yes the womb is warm, yes it is wet, but also: it moves. The aorta is right next to the uterus and the fetus is certainly moved by each pulsation. Also, it is probably loud - no doubt the fetus hears these pulsations all the time.

People are vaguely aware that newborns like white noise and like movement. The Aortic Pulse rocking mattress simulates the noise and movement that they like. This mattress moves about a centimeter, 80 times a minute, to simulate the mothers pulse. It is moved by fluid rushing in and out through a series of baffles, to simulate the noise of the aorta. Optionally this fluid can be warmed as well.

Here at BUNGCO we discovered our engineers were snoozing in the oncall room on a swath of Aortic Pulse mattresses, synchronized by an available Apple IIE that was otherwise unoccupied. It is certainly comfy. We hope to have the adult size available in time for Groundhogs Day.

bungston, Nov 28 2007

born_20again_20swimmingly Adult version [xenzag, Nov 29 2007]

Electromagnet_20Mattress Similar idea [hippo, Nov 29 2007]


       possible advertisement: "when you just want to go to your womb and lay down"   

       what kind of fluid?
keithbrunkala, Nov 28 2007

       Whatever's cheap, shirley?   

       "Experience rebirth every day!"
Spacecoyote, Nov 29 2007

       /an available Apple IIE that was otherwise unoccupied/   

       What?! No-one was playing Taipan?!
Texticle, Nov 29 2007


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