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App Tab

Browser As Screen Manager
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I use two large monitors to work (on Windows). I'm also one of these people that has an extremely busy set of tabs on Chrome, such that often they are just wide enough to show the icon of the site being browsed, browser running full screen.

But I also run apps, compilers, editors, etc.

It would be incredibly useful to simply link a given app to a tab so that I can navigate to it without "changing" the zorder of any app.

Yes a realize the task bar has the icons of running apps -- but since these are outside the browser, it creates a kind of different way to work -- which is fine for some tasks -- but for others, attaching it to a browser would be quite useful.

theircompetitor, May 30 2024


       [+] I can't see using it myself but it sounds like an interesting hack. Are you sure there isn't some Chrome or Edge add-in that can do it?
a1, May 30 2024


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