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Browser Keywords Bookmark Search

Browse your bookmarks by selecting keywords
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In safari, I love how you can put your favorite bookmarks onto the bookmarks bar... but what If I want more?!

I want to be able to put keywords there in the bookmarks bar, keywords that match the keywords I have inputed when I first created the bookmark. When I select the keyword, a results section of the browser, or a separate window, but hopefully part of the navigation tools, pops up and provides me with the choices with that keyword. The more keywords I select, the narrower my search, until I have a good list of specific websites I have visited. For keywords that I want to have excluded, I could control-click, and it would highlight in red, which would be a BUT NOT condition for the keyword search.

For those people with very many bookmarks, like,, hundreds of them, this would be very useful.

twitch, Jun 09 2007




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