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If you have gone to that link x number of times, it will auto book mark for you
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So that, you can directly go there..from the bookmark (bulb) instead of going through homepage->products->lights->home->bulb ..

Update: I agree that IE does something similar to that [scutionpad] but it store only certain address and you need to know the starting url which could be different from the site address, ditto for Mozilla. Ability to have Bookmarks would be helpful, so you can easily browse the top 10/50 results. Again if you can configure for time to stay, X time visit etc.. would be helpful. The important functionality you can gain is to allow any process you can do with bookmarks including export/import, publish on the web etc..

This also can throw important lights on your current surfing habits for an avid surfer.

Update2: I haven't seen this baked anywhere.. IE gives you the History (Most Visited) but that's not bookmarking. It's not for Lazy Person, It will make you aware of what you are watching over the period of time and how a site is useful to you or interest to you. v/s What you have bookmarked by hand.

artist, Jul 29 2003


       I would want it as a controllable option, and have the default setting as 'off'. (+)
Cedar Park, Jul 29 2003

       I would like to be able to set the threshhold say 10 hits in a day. +
nichpo, Jul 29 2003

       A time reference might also be useful, so that bookmarks which were set up in this way can be removed automatically if they are not used for say a week.   

       In fact does IE not try to do something similar in the address bar (I have never been quite able to figure out how it decides which addresses to store there).
suctionpad, Jul 29 2003

       Yes, that address bar memory thingie is really handy, I use it alot. In fact, though I visit this site daily, I don't have it bookmarked. I just go to the address bar (Alt-D), type "hal", press down arrow and enter.
krelnik, Jul 29 2003

       This can be turned off for specific URLs, right? Like the dog-porn site that my roommate doesn't know I visit.   

       You have to certify that you're at least 126 years old to enter.
grip, Jul 29 2003

       What makes you think he doesn't know?
DeathNinja, Jul 29 2003

       Sorry, can't back this one. I don't see this as functionality, I see it as just covering for being a lazy-ass computer user. It's not like bookmarking a site is a hard thing to do.
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       The exact function is given in Opera browser. Opera's history counts your visits and gives in numbers along with latest vistied time. But whenever we are asking about bookmarking and analyzing bookmarks it is a kind of reverse looking up things like we do in reverse dictionary. The storing of bookmarks automatically over the time means you want to track back the sites visited. But you want them to organise, then the same bookmark can be categorized in different methods. See things are becoming complicated. Now you need a database of bookmarks. Still a the parent child structure is not sufficient. Then you start searching your bookmarks by differnt keywords. This is what is now a days happening to our desktops. The desktop search engines. Organizing bookmarks by indexing, your history, everything. Copericus, Isys, Google desktops are functioning very well. Isys desktop is oldest and less known one. There is one Utility called X1.
drizzlein, Dec 12 2004

       [luci] that's very funny "noo you've published the entire contents of my computer on the internet"
neilp, Dec 12 2004


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