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Send URLs to an Emailadress that will be added to your browers favorites
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We all know the many social bookmarking sites, but most of us simple want to be able to "remember" a bookmark no matter where they are right now.

This service will allow you to create a easy to remember email adress where you can send URLs to. Anything in the header of the mail will be parsed as an URL and the Body of the mail will be the description.

A plugin for the different browsers will allow you to use your favorites no matter what tool you prefer.

pucho2000, Jun 24 2010

Mozilla Weave https://mozillalabs.com/sync/
Portable links. Plug-in for Firefox. [Cedar Park, Jun 30 2010]


       nice. I am constantly emailing myself web addresses
simonj, Jun 25 2010

       Me too.
phundug, Jun 25 2010

       I like to party like it's 1999!!
xandram, Jun 25 2010

       I don't get it.   

       you can copy/paste a URL into a .txt file if it's your own computer, or log in to a webspace account and store it there if it's another computer.
FlyingToaster, Jun 28 2010

       What's wrong with delicious and weave is that your at someone else's computer and cannot install it without permission. Also you don't have time to.   

       With the "mail url to myfavorites" its an interface everyone has, with no need for a plugin or special website of any sort. I just mail it to pashute@myfavorites.com and then when home sync my favorites with the site. [+] because it's an instantly infinitely extensible way of saving urls, I can add notes, and tags and whatever for better searches. It will work with Copernic and the likes. so what more do we need.
pashute, Jun 30 2010

       yes but you still have to sign in to your e-mail to e-mail it. If it was just done from any random e-mail account you would be finding plenty of links you didn't sign up for when you opened your Favorites.
FlyingToaster, Jul 01 2010

       I am of course aware of sites like delicious.com. The point for me is that many times i am not even in the browser when I have the need to "favorite" something.   

       I get an email with a link, saying: "Check this out" and I would like to do that, but at home and not on my Blackberry. So I would like to mail it to my favorites at home.
pucho2000, Jul 08 2010


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