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Aquaplane Bar

slide drinks down the bar, then slide the drinks down your neck
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During the covid-19 crisis, maintaining social distancing is essential, but this is troublesome in certain situations, bar service in a public house being one of them.

Aquaplane Bar solves this problem, as the bar top here has been modified so that any drink placed on one end will aquaplane on a film of water down to the other end for collection by the customer.
Here's how it works in more detail:
Customers order their drinks at one end of the bar via a speaker system to the bar staff, who are protected inside a screened-off area. The drinks are poured, then delivered via a rotating door hatch at the far end of the bar, where a small mechanical arm swivels them unto the sloping aquaplane bar surface. Another shunt sends them down the length of the bar (wild west style) to be collected from the de-acceleration area by the customer.

Stupidly complex version features separate aquaplane "limbo" lanes that connect the bar to individual tables. These are called limbo lanes because a type of drunken limbo dancing is required to move around the inside of the bar, to negotiate the numerous over and under laneways.

xenzag, Aug 11 2020


       I like the visual of this, xenie, and I hate ideas that are reputable, that have no comments however. It's like they sink before they were taught how to swim. I won't have it. So I'm going to seek out all of these, and fix that unkind situation. You are the first.
blissmiss, Aug 14 2020

       You're the best blissy x
xenzag, Aug 14 2020


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