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Self Service Bar

Wireless and Piped
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This idea is simple, patrons arrive sit down at any of a number of tables or booths, all complete with touch-screen menus and infra red transmitters. Food can be ordered via the on-screen menu system, the order is wired directly to the kitchen and brought out when prepared.

Drinks are even more exciting with each table being connected to a pump room where your choice of beverage can be piped directly to your table, and dispensed directly into your choice of container (located on racks near the tables) or directly down your throat. you would be charged for drinks by the ml and would never have to deal with bad service again.

At the end of the evening you could swipe your credit card at your table or pay cash into a centralised machine that would only let you leave once your bill had been paid, much like a parking basement system.

empty galsses and plates could be left on your table or you could request for them to be removed at any time.

nevstock, Nov 30 2004

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       Almost baked at the Aikindo sushi chain in Japan. Each seat at the sushi counter has a little speakerphone through which customers give their orders directly to the sushi chef in the kitchen - order then placed on the sinuous conver belt and you lift it off when it reaches your position.   

       There are hot water and cold water spigots for each position - you just grab a cup and a (green) tea bag and drink as much as you want.   

       There is a slot in each position where you dump your sushi plates - all one price (usually Yen100 or Yen 120, depending on the season - which are tallied as you push them through.   

       If you do it right, you can walk in, sit down, eat your fill, drink your fill, place special orders and not have to have contact with a waitperson until you stagger over to the checkout to pay.   

       <sniff> <cries at wonderful memories of Nippon life> <sniff>
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 30 2004

       [Consul]we used to sit at a conveyor type sushi place, (name forgotten) in Yokosuka, where we'd watch the chefs, and order more "mo sukoshi, maguro to tomago okudosai" domo... ( and don't bother to correct my Japanese, it got me what I wanted)
dentworth, Nov 30 2004

       They have a few conveyer sushi places in Seattle - Blue C Sushi even has the great idea of a button you push for service (generally just drink service or special orders). Of course this idea is significantly different. The self-serve drinks is a nice idea and easily done as long as drinks are non-alcoholic and simple.   

       [nev] Next time you're at a bar try to count the number of bottles behind it, the number of beers on tap, and the number of mixers they have to go with it (soda, tonic water, etc.). Unless you have a huge number of tubes to each table, you'll be limited to boring drinks.
Worldgineer, Nov 30 2004


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