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If your going to go out, go out in style.
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A lead tux for all kinds of neuculear mishaps.
Gulherme, Oct 20 2004


       Wouldn't you look a bit peuculear?
Fishrat, Oct 20 2004

       I dont know, what I do know though is that when the world ends I want to be lookin sharp, and I want to last long enough for people to notice that I dressed up for the occasion.
Gulherme, Oct 20 2004

       It would be more universally effective if the suit were charcoal impregnated rather than lead-lined.
contracts, Oct 20 2004

       "Don't be caught dead wearing concrete shoes, wear the lead Armani, the suit of choice for discerning victoms of the Mafia"
Cubical_View, Oct 20 2004

       . . . and of victomic bombs.
bristolz, Oct 20 2004

       ...leave a pretty corpse?
gnomethang, Oct 20 2004

       + for the title. Pun-derful.
vigilante, Oct 20 2004

       A lead tux is really *not* going to protect you from all kinds of nucular mishaps, only the ones that do not hit you directly. And even then you'd have to have a bottled air supply handy.
DrCurry, Oct 21 2004

       A thin layer of lead, that one might wear around won't do much good for hard gamma.   

       For example, locomotives and manned robots used in the nuclear aircraft engine and rocket engine programs had liquid filled windows about a meter thick and many centimeters of lead elsewhere. The robot weighed some 80 tons, and the locos were probably heavier than their unshielded counterparts by about as much.   

       Even with that level of shielding, they had to wait to approach the experiments because the dose rate was so high, 10^6 rad/ hr @ 30meters, and could not linger. Note that dirty bombs and conventional nuclear explosives won't have rates nearly as high, though, but an accident like Chernobyl could approach them.   

       In short no wearable, human bearable lead suit would do as much good as running away from a hot area as fast as one can to limit exposure time. All you'd need is a respirator and a Tyvek suit to avoid internal contamination.
TD3, Oct 21 2004

       I'd love to see what a Cavalli nuclear-resistant outfit would look like.
Machiavelli, Oct 21 2004

       How about "The Young Ones" approach, paint yourself white to reflect the blast?
Cubical_View, Oct 22 2004

       Curie Vuitton? Louis Fission? Rads Lauren? Half-life Boss? I'm thinking there's potential for plenty of post-apocalyptic designer-label merchandise houses. <blatant call to arms> Help me out with some more names here, 'Bakers. </bcta>.
vigilante, Oct 22 2004

       Tres chic, le Geiger clic!
TD3, Oct 26 2004

       'Hard Gamma'" is a great name for a drink, a band or a dog.
vfrackis, Mar 06 2009

       The well-dressed horsemen of the A-Prada-lypse
hippo, Mar 06 2009

       //The well-dressed horsemen of the A-Prada-lypse//
Now *thats* dressage.
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2009


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