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C-Section Homicide Armor

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Much like a centurion's breast plate, made of moulded leather and kevlar, but covering the belly of a pregnant woman. Beginning under the armpits and finishing under and around the buttock area, the armor is impenatrable to anyone attempting to cut out your unborn child to keep as their own.

Featuring a lockable chastity-esque key to allow toilet business, these items are imperitave to quell the tide of c-section homicides in many American towns.

benfrost, Dec 23 2004

Woman in court over baby cut from womb http://www.guardian...271,1377273,00.html
[benfrost, Dec 23 2004]


       And what if you really DO need an emergency C-section, and are unable to communicate where you left the key?
Guncrazy, Dec 23 2004

       [Guncrazy] Call a locksmith?
JakePatterson, Dec 23 2004

       Hello, locksmith? My wife has locked our kid in her womb, and we need to get him out...
Guncrazy, Dec 23 2004

       i guess you could use a coathanger?
benfrost, Dec 23 2004

       Tasteless, disgusting, awful... genius. [+]
Blumster, Feb 16 2005


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