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Armor-Plated Porta-Potty

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These porta-potties would have 2 inch chobham armor-plating, a narrow air vent, and a hand-pump bidet spraying your nether regions with the finest water your water bucket can find.
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2022

Use tanks as toilets https://www.reddit....pied_sumy_proposed/
[ixnaum, Mar 08 2022]

Anything like this? https://mobile.twit...1334983506812956673
[21 Quest, Mar 08 2022]


       So this is a place for soldiers to unload in peace?
Voice, Mar 04 2022

       //2 inch chobham armor-plating// Not very portable then!
pocmloc, Mar 05 2022

       Really it needs to be its own truck.
Voice, Mar 05 2022

       Just add wheels and a motor and you could drive it into battle
pocmloc, Mar 05 2022

       They should be left along roadways for Russian soldiers. You can't unlock them and as soon as you engage the lock, the toilet backs up.
4and20, Mar 06 2022

       Baked - link
ixnaum, Mar 08 2022


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