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antibodies to adrenaline as a superweapon

they lack motivation they change the channel to peacefulness
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the thrills of athletics the team feelings The fight or flight of the contest to kill or be killed (under orders from opposing governments void where legally prohibited) of war

antibodies to adrenaline mop up most of the motivation passivating those who would otherwise be combatants of course war being being war (under orders from opposing governments void where legally prohibited) antibodies to actual adrenal tissue create durable coolness with minimal fighting or flighting

aerosol antibodies could be created with phage display or yeast display technologies (link) as infective agents

I like the idea of varying the sequence of the epitope that is the recognition sequence with an epitope everybody already has fierce antibodies to that would likely be a few amino acids from Fugu or mold using the way human produced antibodies vary around a target epitope The body would produce its own immunoreactive immunoglobins as near variants of fuguadrenaline like uguadre nefugu creating an autoimmune response to adrenaline adrenal tissues or particular adrenaline receptor epitopes

the reactive fugudrenaline epitope blends would be what is on the outside of the phage display virus When these viruses actually nfect the person they create more immunoreactivity

It may be better to create strong immune response to specific adrenaline receptors there are a few as these may create specific behavioral changes Zero body adrenaline apparently just makes people faint then stay fainted

I think I got septicemia or blood poisoning a couple times from frostbite If it is possible to create a mild viral septicemia that is immunoreactive to adrenaline then the immunoreactivity against adrenaline spreads throughout the body

another appreoach is to use a bacteria like staphlococcus that metabolizes a rare carbohydrate plus makes siRNA to the basic genetics like ubiquitin or histones of staphlococcus native to human skin spraying a solution of this on a person replaces their native bacterial flora with the weaponized variety as the weaponized version has lots of food plus makes antibiotics to its niche similars These bacteria could be durable hosts of the phage display virus that causes the adrenaline destroying immune reaction

further I have noticed that thioglycolate (nair) causes rashes that crust a carefully engineered liposomal thioglycolate would create microcrusts absent sensation which function as direct paths to immunoreactive tissue possibly sequestering virus under crust to create infection depots

make war dull; then different things take its place The swift n successful attack confers zero emotional rush

as a bonus this removes the motivations of hunters as well "boar hunting" becomes pointless n dull compared with say pleasant conversation or music

Now theres a giant technical difficulty with this Adrenaline does not cross the blood brain barrier When scientists do psychological studies with adrenaline it just adds volume to whatever feelings they are cued to have This might just generate fearless warriors that lack the emotional motivation to quit

Happylong is better as it actually makes people happy yet this is just a spray on solution to neutralize organized killing as well as organized motivation a way to neutralize organized crime

The government may appreciate a thing I read at an old 0mni magazine apparently among nomadic Saudis a major social form was the "denunciatory motivational rant" there was a standardized social form of escalating motivational speech (compare puritans or televangelists) where the most upsetting person got the "social credit" If this applies to other areas of the middle east an adrenaline destroying strategy removes this source of motivation It is possible that destroying adrenaline works against guerilla true believers better than all the technologies of the gulf war

beanangel, Oct 15 2009

the outside of viruses code antibodies to adrenaline or adrenal tissue http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Phage_display
[beanangel, Oct 15 2009]

Androgen insensitivity http://www.isna.org/faq/conditions/ais
Side effects include drowsiness, nausea, and turning males into females. [ye_river_xiv, Oct 15 2009]



       In the very few acts of violence I remember engaging in after I learned about adrenaline, it has invariably been my experience that the adrenaline rush itself occured after the act of violence, and led to unpleasurable sensations.   

       In the many nonviolent acts I've engaged in that brought about adrenaline rushes, I've found my body's response to be both more timely, and more pleasurable.   

       I don't believe that interefering with male hormones will really get you an end to warfare. I do believe that interefering with male hormones will get you a generation of individuals who all apparently look female. Such a result would likely lead to it's own set of peculiar social problems.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 15 2009

       As far as I know, all antibodies and antibody-like molecules (including single-domain antibodies etc) are normally administered by injection. I'm not sure if they can be administered by aerosol - I doubt the lung epithelium would take up the antibody; it's more likely to proteolyse it.   

       Also, my lab (the MRC) makes several hundred million a year as a result of humanized antibodies (which it invented). Why? Because they are bloody expensive. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to deliver effective amounts of such antibodies, even by injection, let alone by mass dispersal? You'd be better just dropping gold bricks on the enemy to knock them out.   

       If you wanted to do something like this, a small molecule compound would be your only option.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2009

       Beta blockers serve to head adrenaline off at the pass and prevent its function. There are millions worldwide who take this class of drugs daily and manage to function perfectly well. I am not sure antibodies to adrenaline would have the effects you suggest.
bungston, Oct 15 2009

       Currently, the onlu cost-effective way to administer most organic compounds would be to release some bacteria that had been genetically modifed to produce the compound.   

       That would constitute biological warfare, which is against the Geneva Convention for a few rather good reasons.   

       Additionally, such a biological weapon would probably recieve thousands of marked-F-D tags, as it would violate the HB's written, but un-written GM moratorium. Best to involve GM only when absolutely necessary to achieve a very clear, very well researched, and very desirable goal.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 17 2009


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