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After Image Message/Artwork

Half of message or picture is printed, the other half of image requires after image illusion to view
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You have a picture or message that's broken into two parts so that it won't make much sense untill you put the two parts together. For a message, each picture would have every other letter for instance.

You print one half of the images as you would any other picture. Call that the "A" half. Then you print the other half, the "B" half in negative. Black is white, red is green etc.

To view the composite of both pictures, you stare at the negative "B" half picture for 30 seconds until the rods and cones in your eyes become fatigued. Then you switch your gaze onto the A half picture and your eye will fill in the missing parts with a negative image of the "B" pic forming a complete image.

doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2013

Mad fold-ins. A possible example of how this could be applied for humorous effect. http://www.nytimes...._FEATURE.html?_r=0#
(Note: None of the Mad fold-ins shown are actually funny. Not that Spiro Agnew jokes ever get old.) [doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2013]


       This would, of course, be an interesting way to RickRoll someone.
shapu, Sep 16 2013

       Definitely ripe for humorous application. I'm thinking you could do stuff along the line of Mad magazine fold-ins. Set it up with a question that gets answered when you see the completed picture. Mirth and merriment ahoy.   

       (see link)
doctorremulac3, Sep 16 2013


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