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Artificial halfbakery

In some ways this is better than the natural one
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Although I cannot think how.

People who hate the idea give it artifici bones, and people who like it listen to their art and less to the fish.

pashute, Nov 22 2022


       I think we've written before about replacing some individual bakers with AI.   

       The trickier part would be to introduce new characters, with different life experiences.
pertinax, Nov 22 2022

       // replacing some individual bakers with AI. //   

       Sp: a1
a1, Nov 22 2022

       Is this a description of here? Or a proposal for reform? Or a proposal for setting up a competitor? Or what?
pocmloc, Nov 23 2022

       Maybe a contest. Deep Blue vs. hippo. Except be sure to keep a backup copy of Deep Blue so we don't break him with nonsensical associations.
RayfordSteele, Nov 23 2022

       we did have an artificial hb (or 2) back in the day...
po, Nov 24 2022


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