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Artificial humor

Meant to be in Culture:Fun so I took the second best category...
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A joke and humorous text creating app that learns from what people truly think is funny, by watching videos and reading books, and then working with communities of people trying to assess what seems funny to them and then creating artificially funny texts and imagery accordingly.

It starts off of course with a very dry and serious person speaking in a regular strict and super boring tone. And then things start happening.

pashute, Mar 09 2021

Here is what current AI humor looks like https://www.youtube...watch?v=TflUhQooDrI
Before Artificial Humor [pashute, Mar 10 2021]

He wants us to understand https://www.youtube...watch?v=BrNs0M77Pd4
But I want IT to understand [pashute, Mar 10 2021]

Blaine The Mono https://darktower.f...iki/Blaine_the_Mono
Unfunny AI [UnaBubba, Mar 12 2021]


       AI doesn't work that way.
Voice, Mar 09 2021

       How will the algorithm distinguish between people laughing with it and people laughing at it?   

       "Look; an algorithm trying to be funny: that's pretty funny. "
pertinax, Mar 09 2021

       I'm pretty sure there are already joke bots; their jokes are as dire and nonsensical as you might expect.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2021

       I am pretty sure this is how I synthesized humour.
wjt, Mar 09 2021

       @pertinax asked: How will the algorithm...   

       The algorithm wont. The community will.
pashute, Mar 10 2021

       Blaine The Train, from Stephen King's "Gunslinger" series.
UnaBubba, Mar 12 2021

       What I thought really bizarre was the TV adaptation wasn't bad. The books were - putting it mildly - abysmal.
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2021

       The movie got 16% on Rotten Tomatoes. That takes effort.
UnaBubba, Mar 13 2021

       If the audience score is enormously above the critic score on RT, it's a good movie, and vice versa. A sufficiently "diverse" movie will get an extra 2 stars from the critics after all other considerations and an insufficiently "diverse" one will lose two stars. Audience reviewers, on the other hand, want an entertaining movie, solid plot, and so forth.   

       The exception is Disney movies, for which the score is directly manipulated, and therefore does not provide any useful information at all.
Voice, Mar 13 2021


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