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culture: funeral
Subcategories of "culture: funeral":

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   Artificial humor 
 (+5)  Artificial volcano cremation 
 (+35, -3)(+35, -3)(+35, -3)  Belly-dump Hearse 
 (+19, -1)(+19, -1)  Burial at Cliffs 
 (+7, -1)  Death Planner 
 (+3)  Electronic Epitaph 
   Fancy dress funeral 
 (+2)  Funeral confetti 
   Giraffe-Suit-O-Death euthanasia option 
 (+2)  Goldfish Cenotaph 
 (+9, -1)(+9, -1)  Green Burial 
 (+8, -2)  InSinkErator® Farewell 
 (+1)  Interment Flight 
   I see dead people. You can too! 
 (+5, -1)  Lanterns of the Dead 
 (+9, -11)  Last Will and Testament 
 (+3, -1)  Memorial Culture 
 (+23, -3)(+23, -3)(+23, -3)  Morticulture Services Inc. 
 (+1)  Mummification / Embalmed Display - After Death Alternative 
 (+1)  popcorn 
 (+1)  pre-death funeral 
   Re-enter the womb at the end of life 
 (+1)  R.I.P. 
 (+4, -1)  RU still around 
   Security Guards in Perpetuity 
 (+9)(+9)  shock coffin 
 (+27, -2)(+27, -2)(+27, -2)  "Sorry I Missed Your Funeral" Cards 
 (+2, -1)  Stack-a-casket 
   Younger days viewer 


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