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Artistic Peripheral Plugs

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USB, Serial, and other cables that have a small plastic frame attached to them, right over the top of the plug. Each frame contains an image of the user's choosing, either printed on their own paper or ordered from the manufacturer's website (upload, click, and receive an image in 6-10 business days).

Now, even the most hapless among us can truly say (after paying printing, shipping, and handling costs) that we have a girl in every port.

Also available as dummy plugs.

EDIT: Heavily modified shortly after posting

shapu, Feb 01 2007


       I read this as "Atheistic Peripheral Plugs". No idea what that would have looked like.   

       The pun might work if you shaped the plastic plugs like little venus of milo statues, but ... framed paper? Feh.
jutta, Feb 01 2007

       Lame - as in Arthritic Peripheral Plugs
xenzag, Feb 01 2007


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